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Child abuse on the school lunch line

No matter how we bend and twist our wildest imaginations we can never predict the new forms that child abuse will take in the public schools of America. There is no other country on earth – not Russia, not China,

Expelling an honor roll student for an honest mistake

This is an interesting case because parents and students showed up to defend one of their own. There needs to be a lot more of this kind of protest. Also interesting: “The drug dogs came in…” Really? How often are

Successful lawsuit against school: Next time go after the administrators too – personally A Minnesota school district has agreed to pay $70,000 to settle a lawsuit that claimed school officials violated a student’s constitutional rights by viewing her Facebook and email accounts without permission. The lawsuit, filed in 2012 by the American

Ohio teen (EMT volunteer) jailed for pocket knife in locked trunk of his car – Faces felony charges

Student: Jordan Wiser The officials who are persecuting this young man: Dr. Jerome R. Brockway:  Superintendent of The Ashtabula County Technical & Career Center Harold Specht: Ashtabula County (Ohio) Chief Assistant Prosecutor