Harold Specht

Morally bankrupt prosecutor Harold Specht tramples on the rights of children in the pursuit of his own selfish gains

Morally bankrupt prosecutor Harold Specht has no problem trampling the rights of children in pursuit of his petty political gains


Freedom Outpost runs a great story outing petty local bureaucrat Harold Specht as nothing more than a pathetic, self-serving bully who cares nothing about the children in his own community.

Specht, currently an assistant prosecutor, is running for a position as judge.

According to his own statement, as a prosecutor, Specht “practiced a hard-line, zero-tolerance policy on prosecuting criminals” and would be “tough on crime, a no-nonsense judge,”

Could it be that the totally unnecessary, foolish prosecution of teenager Jordan Wiser is related to Harold Specht’s pathetic political ambitions?

You be the judge.

How to Contact Harold Specht:

Harold Specht
1161 Clay St
Jefferson, OH 44047

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