The Problem

Handcuffs on child

An Adult Police Officer Putting a Defenseless Child in Handcuffs

“Zero tolerance” policies in schools rose to popularity in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

They were sold to parents as a way to make schools safer, and as a way to remove the plague of violence and drugs.

Unfortunately, these policies have done nothing of the sort.

Instead, zero tolerance policies have destroyed the lives of countless children.

The worst part of it all: zero tolerance has been proven not to work.1

The only thing keeping it alive is a system of corrupt judges, prosecutors, and administrators.

All of them feeding our children into a perverted network of so-called “juvenile justice” and for-profit prisons.

The problem with zero tolerance is that it leads to automatic punishment, even when there is no obvious legal or moral reason that would call for any punishment at all.

School administrators and judges are explicitly barred from being able to exercise moral judgment, or consider the specific circumstances of the situation.

This is an affront to basic human decency and the God-given rights of children.

No wonder these policies have been called “zero-intelligence” by critics for decades.

1 Zero Tolerance, Zero Evidence, An Analysis of School Disciplinary Practice by the Indiana Education Policy Center